You will order a Formula Date Package for each of the dates. They must be done in order to work effectively.

You can add on and/or upgrade your Formula Date Package.
If you want to customize or plan unique aspects for your special someone, that is done with a consultation, so please request a consultation. Your package and add-ons and upgrades will be added later, so don't worry about that when making your appointment.

Date Coaching, Dating Coach, and Personal Life Coaching are all done via the same link.

If you do not like each other after the date, you and your date go their separate ways and have a first date with someone else. If you do like each other, you would move to the next date that would have the same overall goals but different date goals, different games, activities, and topics of conversation, so no date is ever the same. There are also other ways to customize the dates so truly, no date will ever be the same, no matter how many times you go around the rectangle of formula dates.

Each formula date is different, but they are all goal-oriented dates that each have different ambiance, games and activities, and topics of conversation leading two people through a progression that can lead to a happy, healthy marriage because they are simultaneously learning skills, tools, and exploring resources that help them both become better people, better partners, and better companions, while also having fun, playing together. It doesn't seem like "work" or "therapy" because it isn't. It is merely guided to ensure the date stays on track, so each of you get your needs me and get closer to your overall life goals.

For couples, there are also different formula dates, but the overall goals of the dates focus on rekindling and reconnecting, with tools, skills, and resources provided to help the process along smoothly.

Each type of Epic Date is jam-packed full of games and activities prepared to create epic memories!

There are optional add-one and upgrades, such as Epic Romance, Epic Scavenger Hunts, Epic Experiences. You can also order these things separately as their own date, so there's potential for endless different types of dates that way as well. Please select the package you want and feel free to combine packages.

Boosters can customize or personalize aspects of the planned games and activities.

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We also offer in-person dates. You will still go through the same ordering process ordering your Formula Date Package, but, in addition, you will choose your location and you can add-on food, other add-ons and upgrades that will be incorporated into your date planning.

When you arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation, you will be checked in and brought to a private glass grotto where you can talk without feeling the presence of others listening as you get to know each other on a deeper level than you would at a busy coffee shop or restaurant.

Another bonus to Epic grotto dates is that each date has a unique ambiance or theme, so no date is ever the same!

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